Brexit и его влияние на экономику Великобритании

Since the beginning of 2019, in the UK, there has been a record interest of investors from different countries in the opportunities for investing in enterprises, trusts and real estates, which cannot seem absurd against Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.

As is known because of the ongoing disputes surrounding Brexit, the value of the pound fell, which affect the country’s economy and foreign investments. But, as you know, any crisis is an opportunity.

For the second year in a row, the value of not only English real estate has been falling, but also the value of shares of large international companies, which makes possible investments more attractive. In addition, the weakening pound allows you to invest with the hope of a positive outcome and greater profit in the future. And even despite the instability of financial indicators in the country, the UK does not give up its positions on the world stage and remains an attractive tax haven for foreign investors.

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